Sunday, September 22, 2013


The freedom we have in the United States is punctuated by the freedom to express ourselves sexually.  How we dress to allure the one we are interested in, and entice a flirtatious moment, is a precious freedom only a few countries in the world enjoys.
How will you celebrate your freedoms?
Gratitude is a type of prayer that brings a sense of serenity to the mind, peace and quiet to the soul. Can you be grateful, consciously, for your Freedoms?
Think of your freedom of religion, speech and the press? You may need to look beyond your cities newspapers to get an opposing viewpoint but, if you look, the written word is there and you can educate yourself.  You can choose your political stance without being killed for your convictions.
You can attend any church or synagogue; sit in nature or do a Native American all night ceremony in a teepee. You can choose to participate or not in the spiritual beliefs of your choice. Not so in other countries.
Your freedom to educate yourself sexually is a precious gift. Are you using this gift?  Have you learned something new in the past year or two or five?  Sexual freedom means you can educate yourself and go beyond what your parents understood. You can enjoy educational dvd’s, steamy heart-throb stories, sensual erotica or blatantly raunchy porn. Do you prefer books, DVD’s or real life experiences?  The choice is yours.
You have freedom to dress in whatever type of clothing you choose from social conditioned poor, middle class or wealthy. You can dress outrageous to simple, sexy and sensual to female frumpy or male couch potato sweats. How do you choose to present yourself to your world? What are you saying about yourself through your attire? You do not have to care, fit in, or try to belong to a social norm.  It is important that you express your unique individuality in an authentic way.
How will you acknowledge the freedoms that the United States affords you?  Can you give yourself permission to learn something new in the field of intimacy and sexuality?  Can you dress sexy outside “your norm” in the privacy of your home?
Opening a conversation on the topic of sexuality and intimacy is one of the most challenging areas most people face.   As a parent it is very important to have an age appropriate talk with your children;’ if they are 5 asking where babies come from or 15 asking for help not to have a baby. Talking with your spouse or lover can be more challenging then talking about “It” with your friends.
You have the freedom to have the best sex life imaginable on the face of this planet. There are a few other “free” countries that would allow this.  This is your country and your life and your desires and passions. There is so much to learn about sexuality that no one ever taught you.  How about now?  Would you like to discover all the possibilities of sacred intimacy and gain the pleasure and knowledge that heals the soul, rejuvenates your spirit and keeps you young at heart?

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